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 What is a media plan and why is it needed

A media plan is a document or table detailing advertising costs through certain channels, terms, and placement formats. The forecast of results and real results are also added there.

The success of an advertising campaign depends on many factors, and one of them is a carefully thought out strategy. Do not confuse the concepts of "media plan" and "content plan". The second does not include the financial side

Features of the media plan for Instagram
Your Instagram marketing plan should cover the following:

  • Payment for services
  • Which bloggers to order ads from.
  • Predicted ad clicks for each specific blogger.
  • Estimated price per click.
  • The best time to post.
  • What formats will be most popular with this or that blogger.
  • Other useful data that can be useful in planning and evaluating advertising effectiveness.

How to create a media plan for Instagram

Step-by-step instructions for creating a media plan:

Defining goals

Set goals - do you want to increase sales, attract new customers, tell about a new product, increase brand awareness, bring back the departed, make upsells ... Each of these goals requires its own strategy.

When setting a goal, it is important to ensure that it is measurable and achievable. The mandatory properties of a media plan on Instagram are detail and specifics, high matters are inappropriate here. Having outlined a global goal, it is necessary to form a number of analytical financial metrics - choosing the optimal advertising channels, determining the most suitable formats, and finally calculating the budget.

Determining the target audience

It is impossible to develop a high-quality media plan without drawing up an accurate portrait of the consumer. Even the same brand can cover several completely different customer categories at once.

It's important not to overdo it with coverage. A common mistake is to choose a vague category, like "men from 30 to 50 years old with an average income." No, the portrait needs to be painted in more detail, from hobbies to place of residence. You definitely need a different approach to the office worker and the manicurist.

Another separation factor is B2B or B2C. The first means that your services are aimed at business owners, the second - at ordinary customers. B2B means that buyers are experienced and truly savvy people. You can speak with them in a more professional language, while focusing on increasing sales. As for the end consumers, you will have to carefully study their needs and form an offer that cannot be refused.

An example of a detailed sample of target audience:

Having drawn up a clear portrait, you need to answer a few more questions for yourself. What emotions will your product / service evoke in such a person? How to set it up to buy from you? And how will the consumer's problem be solved after that?

Having drawn up a clear portrait, you need to answer a few more questions for yourself. What emotions will your product / service evoke in such a person? How to set it up to buy from you? And how will the consumer's problem be solved after that?

Determination of the impact strategy

There are three main types of influence on a potential client in advertising:

  • Focal. Such advertising will appear abruptly and disappear just as abruptly in a separate local segment.
  • Permanent. A steady stream of ads with approximately the same intensity.
  • Throbbing. It is closely related to seasonality. It operates all year round, but special surges are observed depending on the season.

Channel selection
On Instagram, you can set up targeted advertising by linking your Instagram account to your Facebook account. Or order the publication of an advertising post from a blogger. Both methods have their pros and cons. Targeted advertising eliminates the negotiation process with a blogger, removes the human factor. But the second is often much more effective, since it hits the target audience more accurately.

The choice of a blogger should be given special attention - read the comments, understand what kind of audience is communicating there. It makes no sense to focus only on the number of subscribers.

There are special services that help in choosing bloggers:

  • HypeAuditor

Remember to keep track of the comments below the sponsored posts. There may be questions and valuable opinions. SocialKit is one of the services that allows you to do this. For example, by setting up a spy on Instagram.

Also, do not skip the questions that are asked in direct. Have push notifications enabled.


Typically, a media plan includes calculating the budget for an advertising campaign for 3-6 months. Before launching the main campaign, you can run a couple of small tests to get an initial impression of the results. Select the best ones and create a new big one based on them. This way you will know exactly where you should not invest your money.

Do not forget to mark all the obtained indicators in the table. It is much easier to analyze when information is in front of your eyes.

What a good visual media plan must include:

  • The name of the advertising channel.
  • Targeting options (if targeted advertising is selected).
  • Post format and themes.
  • Price - per click or per placement.
  • The number of posts to be advertised. Perhaps a list of them.
  • Dates of the advertising campaign.
  • Additional services.
  • Final budget.
  • Conclusion
  • A ready-made media plan is a good helper, but you don't need to treat it as a strict instruction that cannot be deviated from. After launching the campaign, you will constantly keep your finger on the pulse, monitoring the effectiveness of the strategy.

For example, if you have planned to post an advertising post with a blogger once a week for six months, but after a month you see that you are not getting any conversions or sales, you need to change something. Either completely abandon this channel, or change the format of posts.

With a media plan for Instagram, account promotion will be much more systematic than without it. The main thing here is not to let everything go by itself and not be afraid to make adjustments in the process.



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