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Instagram Growth Hacking

It seems to us, will close the Instagram topic in terms of growth hacks. Further 3 opinions from 3 independent experts who are familiar with the Instagram story firsthand. The material is very detailed and quite long. And we hope you will read.

The 23rd user was MG Siegler, who wrote two articles about them on TechCrunch before launch, one on launch day, one week later, and many more after. Being friends with one of the best tech journalists in the world absolutely won't hurt you.

All 23 users who joined in front of me had already uploaded photos, and 21 of them are still active. The people who were invited to participate in the closed testing were definitely potential users of the application. I think that Instagram has a higher ratio of active users to registered users than other popular social networks such as Twitter, for example. Posting a photo you like is much easier than coming up with an interesting tweet.

Being a mobile application, Instagram turned out to be word of mouth…

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