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The use of news through social media has been linked to pro-democratic political behavior. However, most people use social media for non-political purposes, such as connecting with friends and browsing news feeds. Recent research has shown that through political expression in social media, these actions may also have democratic benefits. This study uses panel data from a nationally representative sample to explore how social interaction and news-seeking behavior on social media can lead to diversified networks, exposure to different political opinions, and ultimately reconsideration and change of one’s own politics Viewpoints extend the scope of this research.

Social media is a unique communication platform, and its attributes may affect the exposure of political information. The trend of users to establish and maintain a network of friends creates potential deliberation space for political persuasion. Consistent with previous literature, the use of news can lead to political persuasion. More interestingly, the non-political but socially interactive use of social media has also led to political persuasiveness. These relationships are partly regulated by the network and discussion attributes.

Costs are much lower, but response is higher

Influencers Decide: Influencer Marketing in Action

For several years now, the influencer marketing format (other terms influencer marketing, recommendatory marketing, influence marketing) has been rapidly developing in different countries, successfully replacing the classic forms of advertising.

Let's first define what constitutes influencer marketing. Influence marketing is the promotion of a brand, service or product on behalf of bloggers, celebrities and opinion leaders.

Why are influencers good for brands?

Today, users simply stopped noticing standard advertising on the Internet and social networks, which in many cases resembles the propaganda communication of companies. According to data provided by Searchengines, influencer marketing has one of the best ROIs of $ 5.20 per dollar invested.

First of all, it is influencers who, like no one else, know their followers perfectly, what they are interested in and how they can be involved. When designing an advertising campaign for a brand, you can come to the conclusion that some elements are associated with a certain risk. Yes, there is always risk. And because influencers know what works and what doesn't, they are quicker than big brands to take risks creating campaigns for ordinary people in their familiar language.

In our ordinary world, each of us is an influencer. When I tell my friends: “It's bad that there is no XX in the city of YY”, then I also become an influencer. I doubt that I could say to my acquaintances: “I am very sorry that in XX there is no one of the leading companies YY with monthly AA turnover, which is trusted by NN clients in the world”.

In many cases, influencers very competently maintain accounts in several social networks, creating relevant content in each of them. This sets them apart from companies that post the same information across all of their accounts, regardless of platform specifics. And you must agree, a post or video on Facebook, LinkendIn, Twitter or Instagram is completely different content.

An equally important fact is that consumers trust opinion leaders. Few of them, building their brand over time, will agree to advertise a product or service that they don't trust. And of course, the recommendations of influencers do not contain the obsessive "Buy Now!"

Another advantage of placing ads with a blogger is the duration of the "life" of the publication, the post will "live" as long as the account or blog exists. When combined with certain actions, you can successfully promote a post that will be in the TOP for even several years.

How to work with influencers?

The main point to always keep in mind is providing the opinion leader with value to the audience. In most cases, an influencer cannot be bought, he needs to be convinced that your offer is valuable to his audience and will help strengthen the influencer's credibility.

You should also remember about the different groups of influencers and how to properly develop a strategy for working with an influencer. For example, so-called connectors are influencers who connect people and it is very important for them to play a certain role in the communities. They have a certain authority in groups, and if you need to reach out to members of this group, this connector can help you. And what could such a person be interested in? Of course, by increasing your network. And if you can introduce them to other people, provide contacts that they can add to their circles, create value for their groups, such a connector will be invaluable and will work with you for a long time.

Another example is analysts. This type of opinion leaders existed even before the advent of the Internet. These are experts who will study your product in detail and write a review. Admit it, at least once in your life you have made a purchase based on the expertise published on the Internet. How can you earn their trust? There are various ways, for example, provide them with completely new (possibly not yet published) data that will convince them that your brand is an expert in its field and be sure to give them room to maneuver.

A completely different approach should be taken with activists. With these leaders, you should establish a dialogue, hear and understand how they want to influence others, and what is their enthusiasm. If you present only your point of view and cannot start a dialogue, most likely, such a leader will not cooperate with you.

That is why, before implementing influencer marketing, find out what groups of opinion leaders exist, as well as which influencers intersect with your target audience.

ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) and influencer marketing

There are various metrics to measure the effectiveness of your referral marketing campaigns. In his article on influencer marketing, Searchengines, for example, recommends creating separate landing pages and personal promo codes. SEO-PR president and co-founder Greg Jarboe recommends considering ROMI and brand lift.

The basic formula for calculating ROMI is: ROMI = Campaign Profit - Cost / Investment x 100%

If the indicator is less than 100%, it means that the ad did not pay off.

With the help of brand lift technology, you will find out how much the level of brand awareness has changed after the campaign. This technology implies the use of questions that reveal the level of knowledge about the advertised service or product.

In general, influencer marketing and measuring its effectiveness are not that difficult. If you are not yet using referral marketing, then it's time to test this channel for promoting goods and services.


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